Tuesday, 28 July 2009

27th July 2009

Had a shoot with Jessica Rathbone today at Perranporth Beach, Cornwall. Sunset was pretty poor and light was going quickly so after rushing her into a local shop to use the changing room we headed to a very windy shore with a rising tide!!! 
I set up a Nikon sb-600 with an umbrella camera left and used the commander flash on my Nikon D300 to set it off. This shot was fired as a test, but the next wave came up much higher than the rest and took out the lights.  After drying the gear and testing it worked the sun was almost gone and i had time to fire of another 3 shots but none turned out as good as the first... seems to happen this way a lot! 

If you see a shot and want to know how i lit or retouched it just let me know and i will post a tutorial :) 


1 comment:

  1. Very Nice, i love the lighting, especially considering the pressure you were under...
    I hope your taking some of these lovelies out for dinner afterwards!! just tell them its business ;)

    maybe tone down slightly the airbrushing on her face and legs. apart from that, very professional shot...you'll have to give me some lessons when im next down...